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BLAISON from the air

Air view of the Village

"Village de Charme", BLAISON-GOHIER is situated on the south bank of the river La Loire, in Anjou, half way between the cities of Angers and Saumur. It has been built between the 10th. and the 13th. century. There is an old castle (private) and a church in the Plantagenet style, where one can find track of Johan of Arc. There are several very old houses. Life is good in this village where everything is available : shops, services,  hairdresser, restaurant.

Hamlet of La Touche by Jacques WINDELS

In the vicinity,  on a hill, close to wind mills, place is very quiet: NO highway, NO railway, NO runway and, estates around the place - 7 old cottages, form a wonderful, lovely, pleasant hamlet.

Quiet Hamlet of La TOUCHE

Several trails allow interesting walks through the countryside. Isn't it nice to wander around in the summertime and enjoy beautiful sceneries, breathe fresh air, watch birds and listen to them singing at sunrise ?

Sunflowers at sunrise

The only problem that one can experience in this wonderful hamlet is late morning wake-up. Yes indeed, as many of our visitors you might well lose track of time and get up at 10 am ! No problem, you will have breakfast on the terrace in the morning sunshine !

Evening meetings

And, in the evening, after you've enjoyed a nice discovery of the surroundings, you may appreciate one of those "hamlet meeting" where some of our people next door would join for a chat with our guests and have a drink before everybody goes to sleep.

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