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So wide is the offer, so difficult is the choice,
you won't do everything  !

Treks : 

Reunion is quite a paradise for those who enjoy trekking ! Trails are perfectly maintained by the ONF (Forest National Board) and allow going from north to south and from east to west. You will spend a week (or more if you like it), and stop over at mountain gites or camp. Reservations through Maison de la Montagne. If you want to do shorter trek, we can transfer you to your departure point and collect you at the end. Possibility to hire a guide if so wished. We can also take care of your bags while you're trekking.

Walking and hiking :

If you aren't fit, you can enjoy easy walks which are dozens at Reunion. They will take you to see superb sceneries and discover great places in a short period of time, without getting exhausted. These walks are known as : "randonnees marmail" (kid's walks). We shall mention the good ones to you while you're there, which can be done in a day or half a day, without a qualified guide ! We can also organize a mix, helicopter / walk to Mafate, with a night in a gite.

Grand Etang

Bicycle rides :

We have determined some itineraries that are quite exceptional and take you to a deep discovery of Reunion, easy to ride and aiming at tourism more than sport ! We are based in the west of the island, next to the lagoon but also in the vicinity of forest trails, in easy reach of the "heights", where from you will initiate your bike tour, ending up on the shoreline. In fact, we take you up there with your bike and you ride downhill towards the sea. We collect you when you're there and we take you back home !

Cycling Reunion
Easy and comfortable :

Our bikes are superb dual suspension PEUGEOT, with semi automatic gear change Synchro Shift™ and assisted powerful brakes.
There is a precise "road-book" and IGN maps 1:25000th, for a self-guided tour, a cellular phone (GSM), to keep you in touch in case of need : assistance is granted over the tour. At the end of the ride, you can spend some time on the beach or we can come and collect you and take you back to your hotel or bed and breakfast.

Arrival from Maïdo at the Water mill in St.-Paul
Arrival at the Water mill (St.-Paul)
Photo Claude Blanchard

Helicopter ride :

It is a "must". The helicopter ride, around the island and over the volcano and the mountain, inside the valleys, will, no doubt, give you the best ever souvenir. This is normally organized at the end or your stay in Reunion. As there is a lot of demand, we would recommend that you book as early as possible.
It is also possible to fly micro light planes,  ultra lights, do paragliding or conventional flights over the island. We shall arrange and organize for you, will take you there if you haven't got a car.

Helicopter ride is a "must"
Photo Christian Gandon - Unimédia

Deep-sea fishing :

Reunion is one of the best place in the world for deep-sea fishing and is second to none. This is a fantastic experience for those who have never done it before but it can also be the occasion of an exceptional catch for a specialist (Some French record beaten last year !). Those who do not fish can simply accompany and will appreciate the day out ! We shall organize this for you, with an experimented professional fisherman, on board a superb boat with high class fishing gear.
Also, we can arrange a day out on an old sail ship or aboard a sail cruiser.

Back from deep-sea fishing
Photo Christian Gandon - Unimédia

And... the list of activities is such that you need to come back to do all of them !
You'll have the choice between golf, tennis, horse riding, 4x4 excursions, quad, kart, mountain climbing, scuba diving, wind surfing, sailing, boating, canyoning,  rafting, there is still a lot to do . . .

Also, go and visit our page : "Quiet sojourn"

For details and orders, please contact our Travel Agency DEMAS VOYAGES, in Angers.

Thanks to Christian Gandon for magnificent pictures which he lets us use for this Web site. He's taken them on the occasion of his trip to Reunion in November '99. You can visit his Web site "Hello from Reunion" and know all of his tour, "live"..