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and appreciate the warm welcome that only
Reunion Creoles offer at their bed & breakfast


Bed & Breakfasts

There are several possibilities to lodge while you are touring Reunion Island.  We have got specialized in using bed and breakfast facilities as they allow better contact with people. We now offer a choice of very welcoming places after having dealt with them for a few years.
If you also consider having meals at Tables d'Hôtes, you'll appreciate creole cuisine and you'll meet interesting characters.

L'Hôstellerie de la Confiance
L'Hostellerie de la Confiance - St.-Benoît

Country Inns & Farm Inns

We also use "country inns", which are more likely a commercial place or the "inn farms" which are good food places with accommodation. Our favorite is "La Ferme Auberge Desprairies" in Matouta, south Reunion. There are so many in Reunion that we had to make a choice, and, after a few years, we come with a selection of the ones that, we feel, are amidst the best. As we guaranty our bookings to you, please tell us long in advance what your choices are, because the best ones are really overcrowded !

La Ferme Auberge Desprairies
La Ferme Auberge Desprairies - Matouta

Traditional Creole Hotels

For those who prefer, they can be lodged in charming creole hotels, family owned, where one can expect great care being taken of welcome and comfort. Some of these hotels have got international standards of quality. We use these ones when we've got to accommodate groups as small hotels may have restricted capacity, especially during peak seasons. Even though, you can expect personal care to be taken of our visitors.

L'Auberge du Volcan

While you are there, so many activities are available, you've got to make up a choice, look at our page "Passionate Reunion"

More details and orders are to be through Agence de Voyages DEMAS VOYAGES, in Angers, lic. 049950011.




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