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Although this is not our main activity, we've discovered, throughout the years, that some of our visitors wish to acquire some items of daily use or some souvenirs to take back.

We're pleased to inform you that we've got concerned and are now offering an "on the spot" corner, where one can buy a range of items, such as maps (I.G.N. maps), books (local guides), cycle accessories (if you're riding your own bike), small batteries, (incl. Nik.Cad.)..., 

films, etc... or anything that you may be in need of.
We also market the range of POLAR E.C.F. that be can e-mail-ordered. 
And also, souvenirs such as postcards, teeshirts, local specialities, food, drinks...

In addition, we offer our workshop facilities if, riding your own bike in the vicinity, you happen to be in trouble and need repairs. In case of a serious trouble, give us a ring and we can come and service you or give you the lift to our workshop. (You and your bike.)

If you're walking, trekking, cycling, horse riding in the vicinity, feel free to pop in for a chat or a cup of coffee... and have a look at your e-mail (make sure you know your provider details to open your account !). We only charge for the coffee... !

If you're preparing your trip to Anjou, the Loire Valley or more generally to France and you wish to receive the proper maps to ensure your routing, we can dispatch the very precise IGN maps (which we use for cycling or trekking). Just tell us your point of departure and arrival and we will prepare and quote the necessary maps you need. Orders to be confirmed by fax and to be charged on Bank Card. We're offering this service as we've seen too many visitors using wrong maps for what they're doing. We can also dispatch any local guide, books, to prepare your trip.
When returned back home, we can also dispatch any souvenir you might have forgotten...!

If you wish to get your IGN (Blue series) maps, all weather protected, feel free to visit our partner :

AQUA3 All Weather Maps. Europe’s number one publisher of weather proof leisure mapping, publishing over 3000 titles including Ordnance Survey, IGN, Kompass, Swisstopo and more!

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