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We put you on the way, 
take the advantage of it !

Your plan first :

This is for those who hate organized tours... 
We are used to do "custom tailored" tours, which means we're going to really execute the very project you're contemplating, according to the request you submit. In order to allow us "spin the web" for you, be kind enough to tell us your wishes, when activities, transportation, accommodation are concerned. We like to know what you like at best to give it to you.
All you'll have to do is enjoy it ! 

We spin the web for you
Photo Christian Gandon, Unimédia

Then we propose :

At this point, after having emailed details to us, we shall feed you back with our project (and quote), at no charge, for your approval. According to your remarks we then shall do your final offer. If you like it, you take it and as from now on you are in charge of a Travel Agency "DEMAS VOYAGES" in Angers (lic. 049950011), according to regulations in force. The agency will issue your tickets and vouchers under guaranty, for full security.
We shall meet when you get to Reunion . . .

Just start dreaming
Photo Christian Gandon, Unimédia

Over there :

In fact, we welcome you at the very airport and supply you with your car for the duration of your tour. We give you your detailed "road-book" and lend you a whole set of IGN maps 1:25000th. which are very efficient to help you drive, walk, trek. There is a complete itinerary with daily accommodation (booked for you in advance, according to project and quote), and a wide choice of day-to-day activities, (a lot more than you can do...), our assistance details : phone numbers, availability, etc.

You won't by-pass "musts"
Photo Christian Gandon, Unimédia
Don't you drop "musts" :

During this "tour of the island" you visit everything that has to be "seen". You will not by-pass important and nice places. You'll meet the Creole people, who are so gentle and warm. You'll do an unforgettable tour. You'll learn a lot and will only want to . . . come back to Reunion ! We shall see you at the airport before you leave, to wish you a nice journey back home. From experience, we know of it, you then become our ambassadors for this tiny piece of land which we call Paradise as you'll have really enjoyed this "not looking like" organized tour.

You won't by-pass "musts"
Photo Christian Gandon, Unimédia

In order to know the activities that are on the menu while you're discovering Reunion, please look at our page : "Passionate Réunion"
Also take a look at : "Quiet Sojourn"

For details and orders, please contact our Travel Agency DEMAS VOYAGES, in Angers.

Thanks to Christian Gandon for magnificent pictures which he lets us use for this Web site. He's taken them on the occasion of his trip to Reunion in November '99. 


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