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A selection of the main activities
which are available in the vicinity

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Vineyards and quiet back roads . . .

For you to enjoy and appreciate, because we want your holiday in Anjou to remain an unforgettable memory, we can prepare a dedicated program for your own satisfaction. This list is not exclusive, it only shows the main activities we currently offer. If there is anything special you fancy, feel free to ask at time of booking. We shall do our utmost to give you satisfaction. But please, do not ask for the moon !
Most of the activities that are described under here need a minimum of a two night stay at Le Clos de la Touche . . .

  It is obvious that our first offer on program is . . .  

B I K E    R I D E


There are so many places of interest in the surroundings that are in easy reach by bike, there are so many quiet back roads, some of them totally dedicated to cycling.
We can arrange, if you are staying two nights at Le Clos de la Touche, some bike loop tour, allowing one Chateau visit and, maybe, including one wine tasting . . .
If you prefer "mountain biking", we can also prepare something for you.
Your biking request should be known at time of booking your accommodation for us to get organized !

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L E   G O L F


We are located 4 and 1/2 mile from the Angers Golf Club. We can organize a day golfing and take you there (unless you insist on cycling your own way down there on the lovely back road).
Morning will just be long enough for you to perform first 9 holes, It is then time to have a nice snack at the terrace bar, viewing the golf course. You will resume golfing after lunch and, later in the afternoon, we shall take you to nearby caves for a visit !


W I N E   T A S T I N G


In the Loire Valley there are some very nice wineries which you will enjoy visiting.

As you may want to know (and, maybe, learn ?) about wine, we have organized for you different kind of wine tasting, from the very simple "free sampling", through standard "degustation" (French for wine tasting), to professional "wine seminar".

You will also be in position to buy some genuine wines, direct from the very producers !

Wine seminar at René's place . . .

L O I R E   B O A T I N G


A few minutes drive (or cycling) from our hamlet, superb river La Loire, is offering itself to either canoeing or boating.

There are several possibilities for you to "approach" the wild river :
- a local club offers canoes rental
- a beautiful 60 seated boat offers rides on the river.

Having said that, may we insist on the fact that it is ILLEGAL to swim river La Loire.


on board which you can watch birds from the very water level, and discover sceneries from an unusual angle.


B O U L E   D E   F O R T


Ball playing, local specialty. Every village along the Loire Valley has got its own "ball place". It is an incredible way of playing a very strange and unstable "flat" ball that has got a heavier side . . .
Looking at it, you will think it is easy to deal with. However, you will be amazed when you enter the game and participate !
No where else you'll ever find same kind of thing !
We can organize a meeting for you with one of our local "association".





Picture to the right shows our hamlet "La Touche" as you can discover it when walking the "GR3" path or cycling the back road, from village of Chauvigné towards Blaison-Gohier.
While heading westwards, it is on your right hand side.
You are welcome to pop in for a drink, a chat, check your mail at our Internet point or spend the night if we have vacancies (better book ahead !)





Both are at a short distance and we shall be pleased to introduce you to these places.


There is a local possibility to over fly the beautiful sceneries, chateaux, vineyards, etc...




Above activities list is not exclusive and can easily be enlarged with all usual places of interest that our guests like to discover :
- chateaux (Brissac, Montgeoffroy),
- museums (Cointreau, mushrooms...)
- windmills, troglodyte sites, churches...

We also organize computer tuition for those who want to learn more about the Internet, Web sites designing . . .


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