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Enjoy cycling Anjou and the Loire Valley at own pace, riding back roads and off-roads, as you wish or following our pre-established and fully proved itineraries.
It is quite an experience, going to places, meeting good French people, enjoying lunch at small local restaurants in remote villages, visiting points of interest that aren't necessarily on maps but known by experts only !
Thanks to our 22 years experience in organizing custom-built bike tours, and our exceptional knowledge of the area, we can guarantee full satisfaction !


Cycling the Loire Valley . . .


Our custom-tailored, self-guided itineraries, are designed to match your personal requests and points of interest but, also, to have you being accommodated at private lodges for exciting overnight stops and meet "deep France", being hosted as friends by the owners.

Most of them are English speaking.
Let us know your points of interest, daily mileage you like to ride, what your time schedule is, arrival and departure dates.
We can then "cook" a fully customized tour for you, from warm welcome at the railway station, free shuttle to our place, first two nights in the village of Blaison Gohier, bicycles and equipment, full itinerary with detailed road-book and maps, overnight stops at private "Chambres d'Hotes" and hotels, partners of ours, enjoy your self-cycling tour at your own pace.



Cycle the Loire Valley

Discover beautiful Anjou in Western Loire


Chateaux, Vineyards, Gardens, Villages, Mills, Troglodyte sites

We can only give you a general synopsis of what to expect and, as we have to accommodate you within daily convenient mileage and places of interest, we love to create your own itinerary after we've discussed your matter by email or talked to you over the phone.
These are the reasons why we don't publish fully fixed pre-established routings but we give you a rough idea.
Then, we make your tour exclusive to you and give you a final quote with all details, itinerary and costs !

Every of our tours (whichever destination is chosen) include the following:
(Please, Click on links under here for further details)

  • Welcome "ceremony" at the railway station (pick up and baggage collection)

  • Guided tour of the city (Angers or Saumur) with comments and information

  • Shuttle to our village that is located 30 minutes drive east of Angers

  • Welcome drink and rest before dinner at one of our local restaurants

  • Overnight in the village 

  • Breakfast and "bike & map briefing" before departing your warm-up day ride, one chateau visit and some wine tasting

  • Return to the village, enjoy a drink while you are given a general presentation of your week tour

  • Nice dinner at some other restaurant in the vicinity

  • Second night in the village 

  • After breakfast you depart your "great adventure" whichever duration you have chosen !

  • Full package : daily road book, detailed maps, plenty of information prior to leaving

  • At the end of your tour either cycle back (loop itinerary) or catch a local train (on-line tour) and come back to Blaison Gohier

  • Next morning, we give you the lift to the railway station . . .


Cycle the Loire Valley
Lovely back roads . . .

Good food, good drinks, the good life . . .


We are proud to say that, after more than twenty years of experience in bike tour organization, our visitors seem to be pleased with what they discover: a totally unique bike tour !


Take a look at some of our programs :

  1. "Anjou ride" : a two day local loop tour (two chateaux, very easy ride) see details

  2. "Douceur Angevine" : a five day loop tour (three chateaux, one wine discovery) see details

  3. "Bike & Food" : a five day loop tour including nice gourmet meals and wine festival ... see details

  4. "Anjou & Touraine" : a seven day on-line tour (five chateaux, wine festival, gardens ...see details

  5. "Grand Chambord Tour" : an eleven day on-line "festival" tour (as much as you can see and visit ...) see details

    Please note:  all these programs are subject to final quote, according to vacancies.
    Amendments can also be done to match your requests !


Cycle the Loire Valley

Tel: +33 241
571 052
Fax: +33 241
 572 572


Make up your decision right now ! . . .

If any of above described tours seems to be of interest to you, feel free to get in touch by email
or give a phone call (we're English speaking) and we will immediately give you all details that
you'd like to know. We are known to respond emails within coming hours !
Unfortunately, due to Spam problems, as everywhere, some messages may be delayed or
destroyed before reaching destination !
If you do not get a reply from us in reasonable time, do not hesitate to send a new request.
Best is to use our email link (left here) or quote : "Loire Bike Tour" in subject line.
Please, bear in mind that, due to heavy demand during peak season (May to September)
and because there are only an average of 2 to 4 bedrooms per Chambre d'Hôtes,
it may become difficult to find appropriate vacancies for late entries. It is also a hard job for us
to prepare a tour while being engaged in the season, early requests are welcome!
(although we happened to do some "last minute jobs" in the past !)

We look forward to hearing from you,

Jacqueline and Claude



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