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Please COME IN and have a look !
You will enjoy your "French Home"
for the time of your stay in ANJOU while
initiating your bike tour in the Loire Valley ...


We are so pleased to welcome you to our old farm house,

  Feel free to come in !
Go knock at the door to enter "La SALLE"

build early in the XVII° century and fully renovated at the end of last century !

We are located in the heart of a charming "hamlet" in the name of "La Touche" and our property is surrounded by walls.


"La SALLE" is the place we welcome you in. After dinner, in the evening, we like to enjoy a drink and have a chat with our guests. It may be the right time to have a chat about your tour and discuss some organization matters, before going to bed.

Just feel yourself @home !


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During the "not so warm" season you will find a huge fire place which is used  to not only warm the room, but more to warm the souls ...


Even though there is no fire, it is very nice, anyway, to enjoy an evening party with both our guests and our good people next door, coming in for a chat  or (and) a drink !

We also take advantage of this moment to discuss details of your bike tour !


Now, let's have a look at "La Cuisine" (the Kitchen)


We have kept the old style "family breakfast ceremony" that most French people enjoy, that is to say: enjoy good food in the morning in a convivial atmosphere, to make your day start the right way . . . here, you can see a family getting ready for their day bike tour and Jacqueline (left side) sharing this nice moment.

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We are so sorry not to be able to transmit (yet) the beautiful flavors and smells from the fresh baguette and croissants which we pick up from our baker, every morning, for you !
Here, to the left, family Ouvrard from St. Mathurin in their bakery, with beautiful loaf of bread at forefront !


By chance, thanks to the Ouvrard family, we can offer a wide selection of different kind of bread and we enjoy telling you a few words about bread in this country !

"Bread is your basic food, what you are having with it, is just to accompany", my grand-dad used to say . . .


On some occasions, we may happen to organize an evening dinner for our guests to discover some of our local specialties !

Jacqueline would be glad to have you enjoy some nice food while Claude serves wine and . . . takes pictures . . .


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