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This French island, a pure pearl in the Indian Ocean,
is now our most favorite destination to offer !

You like discovering nice, welcoming people, in the heart of superb countryside, with really astonishing landscape.
You like walking, trekking, riding (bikes or horses) driving, flying, do canyoning or rafting, deep diving or just swimming amidst colorful fish or deep sea fishing, you can play golf or tennis, etc..., REUNION is your next destination.

Le Barachois in St.-Denis

Use our expertise, tell us what you want . . .

Thanks to the knowledge we've got of the area in the last few years, we do "custom-tailored" tours, to match your requirements, whichever way of living you wish to experience : superb hotels and restaurants or welcoming Chambres  d'Hôtes and Tables d'Hôtes, or, special to this island, "inn-farms". . .

Flamboyant trees

Meet the genuine soul of the island : its citizens 

we shall take you to meet the heart of Reunion, the "Creoles", who will host you and you will have dinners with them to appreciate fantastic cooking. You will get routed for the whole of your trip, through the "Intense Island", thanks to  the  very detailed "road-book" that is established according to your personal request.
The "Intense Island" will give you the utmost and you'll remember its warm welcome for ever.

See you soon in Reunion Island . . .

There are several tour and lodging formulas to match your requirements, please have a look at : "Freedom in Reunion"
Also visit : "Quiet Sojourn"
Once you're there, see all activities we propose at page : "Passionate Reunion"

More details and orders are to be through Agence de Voyages DEMAS VOYAGES, in Angers, lic. 049950011.




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